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Office of the Austrian Productivity Board
c/o Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Otto-Wagner-Platz 3
1090 Vienna, Austria
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Chair: Christoph Badelt
Vice Chair: Tobias Thomas

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The Productivity Board runs this website to share information with the general public.

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Because of the very nature of the Internet, the Productivity Board cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the information provided through this website; nor can it guarantee the availability and accessibility of this website and its content.

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As a rule, the right to reuse extends only to data copyrighted by the Productivity Board (as indicated by “© Productivity Board” or otherwise). Reuse for noncommercial purposes does not require the express consent or notification of the Productivity Board.

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The Productivity Board may also revoke permission to reuse its data without providing underlying reasons. The right to reuse data published on this website but originally provided by third parties is subject to the originators’ prior consent.

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