The tasks of the Productivity Board are set out in the Fiscal Advisory Council and Productivity Board Act of 2021. The Productivity Board’s broad scope of tasks and responsibilities is based on EU Council Recommendation 2016/C 349/01 on the establishment of national productivity boards.

The Productivity Board provides the framework for the systematic monitoring and analysis of developments with a material impact on domestic productivity growth and competitiveness. The objective of its activities is to identify and promote policies and reforms to strengthen the competitiveness of the Austrian economy.

The Productivity Board’s tasks are:

  • identifying and analyzing
    • long-term drivers and prerequisites of productivity growth and competitiveness (including innovation)
    • potential for attracting investment, firms and human capital
    • factors that have an impact on the price and quality of goods and services
  • drawing comparisons with global competitors
  • analyzing policy challenges and assessing policy options (and identifying trade-offs between policy areas)
  • reporting its analyses and findings to the Austrian parliament on an annual basis
  • actively participating in national and international fora
  • contributing to the public debate

The Productivity Board publishes a summary of its activities, including those of its Office, in its Annual Activity Report (available in German only).