Annual Competitiveness Report for Austria

Based on its legal mandate pursuant to Article 5 paragraph 5 Fiscal Advisory Council and Productivity Board Act 2021 (Federal Law Gazette I, no. 226/2021), the Productivity Board prepares the Austrian Competitiveness Report (Annual Report). The report provides an overview of relevant analyses and study results produced by Austrian research institutions active in this area. Moreover, it contains a set of indicators on productivity development, competitiveness, industrial structure and industrial change, institutional framework conditions, ecological and digital transformation, demographic change, (de)globalization, and the quality of life. These indicators are used for regular monitoring. The report, including related economic policy conclusions and recommendations, is submitted to the Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, to the National Council and the federal government, and it is discussed in the Economic Committee of the National Council.

The Productivity Council’s first annual report is scheduled for publication in the first half of 2023.